Pros and Cons of living in New Orleans/going to Tulane?

Pros: New Orleans is the coolest city I have ever been in. Awesome music, great food, beautiful architecture. Also, everyone is very chill here and the city is really easy going. You’re allowed into bars at 18 which is nice if you drink, but I like it because I can get into more concerts. Lots of Southern accents. Every house on St. Charles looks like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

Cons: Tulane doesn’t have a great art program, but it’s stellar in pretty much everything else. Sometimes the weather is completely unpredictable (for example: it can be 80 in the morning, pour rain for 10 minutes, and drop to 50 degrees). Transportation around the city can be a bit tough and Tulane is pretty far from the French Quarter. Hurricanes?

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